Lives and works in Italy.
When he was a child feels a predisposition towards the technology and enjoys collecting stamps and astronomy books.
As a teenager he approached the world of american comics, and especially Japanese manga and anime latter still very uncommon in Italy. In his educational background there are several years in imagining and writing adventures for Dungeons&Dragons, the hobby of painting miniatures and build dioramas, full immersion with Final Fantasy and the assemblement and disassemblement of computers.
His passion for cinema will become the subject of his university studies. The step from cinema to photography is very short and soon he goes to study photography in Milan.
Since then he researches and the themes that attract him are the contemporary social phenomena and everything related to technology and science, between documentary and staging photography.
Since 2009 also he teaches photography and he's the creator and co-founder of the school of photography Fproject, the first in the south of Italy.

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